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A gym for everyone

Let’s be real: working out can be quite a vulnerable experience. Especially if you can’t relate to most of the people in the gym, are unsure which changing room to use, or simply feel you aren’t free to be yourself. Sport is only fun if you feel completely accepted and welcome.

That’s why We Are Queer*. A gym where binary preconceptions are kept outside, you’re free to work out your way, and no outfit is too outrageous. Meet and chat with like-minded people, show the dumbbells who’s boss, or keep your heart rate high by dancing between sets. At We Are Queer Amsterdam you’re free to unapologetically be yourself.

Anyone from the LGBTQIA+ community (and where allies are welcome!)

Senn van Beek
they/them | Founder We Are Queer



The perfect full-body workout!

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Stand tall

Specially designed for transmale persons.

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Nothing but butts

The ultimate lower body and core workout!

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Strengthen agility, range of motion and body awareness!

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Authentic self-expression and connection.

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Refine your skills and enhance your fighting technique!

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Strength, technique and empowerment!

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Small Group Training

Embark on a 12-week fitness journey with trainer Ofri!

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Personal training

Inclusive and personal training for every body!

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Queers Sportclub Outdoor

Engaging in various outdoor sports in Amsterdam.

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Celebrate your body with us!

Our goal is to be a safe haven, where you are seen and accepted for who you are. That’s the spirit and dream of We Are Queer. A gym and coaching platform especially for people who identify as LGBTQIA+.

We see many of the same body types idealized around us, which we often can’t compare ourselves to, or simply don’t want to. At We Are Queer we celebrate all bodies and want sports to help you feel at home in your own body. Whether you want to gain weight, lose weight, develop muscle mass, or want to present yourself more feminine or masculine.

We offer various small group classes, open gym workouts, and personal training. WERQ also offers support to trans people in preparation for surgery, as well as after.

For me, exercising at We Are Queer has changed the way I look at my body and what I can do with it. I suddenly turned out to be much stronger than I thought, and I learned that I can sometimes be much nicer to my body. If something doesn't work out while I'm training with Senn, that's okay, we'll just see what I can do.

And about being able to do that: from 40 seconds of planking to a full two minutes in a few weeks!


Before I started working out at We Are Queer, I was always very insecure about myself, especially as soon as I entered a gym. I always found it very intimidating and completely out of place. It was a place that I actually preferred to avoid, although I really wanted to do sports. At We Are Queer I worked on my body, but also on my posture (I was quite crooked from being tied up for years).

When I look back at photos from a year and a half ago, I barely recognize myself. Someone with a lot more self-confidence, a body that I do like to look at in the mirror and who dares and can walk upright. Finally I can walk into the gym with a good feeling again.



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