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Strength for Beginners

Familiarize yourself with the gym

Do you have minimal gym experience or would you like to go in depth on your technique? Join the ‘Strength for Beginners’ class on Saturdays, where you can get acquainted with strength training in an accessible manner. During this class you will receive detailed instructions to properly use your body and activate the right muscle groups during exercises.

Through these classes you strengthen the whole body by doing exercises focused on arms, legs, butt, abs, and back. We work out using accessories like dumbbells, kettlebells, and elastics. The coach demonstrates the exercises and explains what to focus on while executing them. They also help you to choose the right weight for the accessories. This way, Strength for beginner classes are accessible for various levels and fitness goals.

Why choose Strength for Beginners

  • Full-Body Workout: During this hour we do not leave any muscle group alone so that you leave this class feeling fully activated.
  • Structure and clarity: Strength classes are structured with different exercises targeting different muscle groups. There are always short breaks between sets to drink a sip of water and relax before you get back to work.
  • Attention to technique: At Strength for Beginners, you learn how to execute exercises correctly and which muscles to engage. The coach watches your posture and corrects you when necessary. They will always ask for your consent to use touch for the corrections. At We Are Queer you are in charge of your bod.
  • A sense of community: Each class starts with an introduction round where we ask for your name and the pronouns you prefer that day. There is room to try out something new. During the breaks between sets, you can have a chat or a joke with your fellow gym members. This way you can enjoy sports, but also feel connected to like-minded people.

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