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Great you’re here, and thinking about coming to work out at We Are Queer! We understand better than anyone that it can be difficult to take the first step. Maybe you’ve even made several attempts to find your way with sports and don’t want to be tied to a subscription for a long time again? We hear you.

That’s why we make it easy for you: the first week you can come and work out completely without obligation. Book your first training right away!

How it works


Step 1

Go to Eversports (see the pink button below)

Step 2

Click the green button 'Buy now' (it's still free - no worries)

Step 3

Log in, or click 'Register'

Step 4

Book your first workout!
Book your free workout

Suddenly I discovered that I'm much stronger then I thought and that I can treat my body with more kindness. It's ok if I can't do the work out, together with the coach we'll just find what I can do and progress from there.


The gym always felt like an intimidating place to me, I never felt like I fitted in. It was a place to avoid, despite the fact that I love working out. Thanks to We Are Queer I finally can walk into a gym feeling great!


There is not any feeling of discomfort. Which is something that is very present in a regular gym. And in this gym the workouts totally fit my body type, which speeds up my progression tremendously.

Questions? Text us!