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For me, exercising at We Are Queer has changed the way I look at my body and what I can do with it. I suddenly turned out to be much stronger than I thought, and I learned that I can sometimes be much nicer to my body. If something doesn't work out while I'm training with Senn, that's okay, we'll just see what I can do.

And about being able to do that: from 40 seconds of planking to a full two minutes in a few weeks!


Before I started working out at We Are Queer, I was always very insecure about myself, especially as soon as I entered a gym. I always found it very intimidating and felt completely out of place. It was a place that I actually preferred to avoid, although I really wanted to exercise. At We Are Queer I worked on my body, but also on my posture (I was quite crooked from being tied up for years).

When I look back at photos from a year and a half ago, I barely recognize myself. Someone with a lot more self-confidence, a body that I do like to look at in the mirror and who dares and can walk upright. Finally I can walk into the gym with a good feeling again.


To be continued…

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